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    B2B E-commerce Technology, Dedicated to Your Success.
    HeroShop: know your customers.
    HeroShop’s B2B Solution
    Electronic Catalogue
    Make all or part of your catalogue available. Decide which information is public and which is transmitted exclusively to your customers and resellers (prices, technical specifications, download slips or PDF documents).
    Lead Generation & Marketing Drip
    Got new potential customers browsing your site for the first time? Capture their data and launch an automated drip marketing campaign. Send your communications on a regular basis, based (or not) on opened e-mails, clicks or page visits.
    Marketing Automation
    Take advantage of integrated CRM or integrate HeroShop® into your CRM. All interactions with your customers and prospects will be recorded: website visits, e-mails, phone calls, information requests, etc. Automate mailings to your customers and prospects based on the rules you set: clicking on a particular page, reaching a given number of visits, completing a form… Rank your prospects based on their level of activity or interaction with your site or representatives. Inform your representatives by SMS or e-mail of the pages browsed by their prospects.
    Give resellers exclusive extranet access to your advertising materials, contracts, data sheets or other any confidential documentation, or provide your representatives with their customers’ order histories.
    Store Locator
    Let your resellers update their retail store addresses, logos or photos and share this information with users who look for a retailer through the store locator.
    Why HeroShop?
    Flexible & Stable
    HeroShop offers all the flexibility needed to produce the website you want, safely and technically.
    Easy Integration
    HeroShop merges smoothly with your internal systems and compensates for any weaknesses, letting you implement sophisticated business logic.
    Cutting-edge Technology
    Built on the Ruby on Rails Web application framework, HeroShop offers advanced technologies and faster, more stable development.
    Hosted & Managed
    Reduce the stress on your IT team. Your site will be hosted on world-class servers, monitored 24/7 and managed by world-class experts.
    HeroShop, Constantly Evolving
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